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what to expect during & after your session​

I will wear a mask through the entire session, and will typically be six feet from you. I'm a hands on photographer (adjusting clothes, etc.), however, if  you bring a friend, I may rely on them to help you. 

Know What You Want

Before the session look at your face in the mirror and see what side you like better. Everyone has a good side, find yours. Remember though, a mirror will flip your face and the camera won’t so the images might look a little different than you were expecting. 

Take some time in advance to consider what kind of feeling you are trying capture in your image. Prepare by practicing in front of the mirror. Don't worry if you are not certain about this, I will help you figure this out, but if you can come in with your own ideas that will help!

If you have one eye that is visibly smaller than the other bring the side of your face with the smaller eye towards the camera. It will help reduce the difference between the two.

How to Pose During Your Photo Session

I strive to capture and encourage authentic expressions. Body positioning is important with headshots. With a little off camera mentoring, you'll do just fine!

Relax, slow down, and don’t force anything. Don’t feel pressured to make everything perfect! Just be present and I’ll do the rest. 

What to Expect After Your Photo Session

After your session, I will be working hard behind the scenes to cull the best photos (eliminating duplicates, blurs, and blinks).
Your gallery is typically ready within 10 business days of your session, so you can select your favorite images!   In your online gallery,  you will be able to conveniently order stunning, high quality prints, framed photos, and canvases.

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