Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between and Edited image, Retouched image and High-end Retouched image?

*Editing is a basic correction of images, to include color correction, cropping and straightening an image. And adding my own creative touches to the images.
Often done for events and non-portraits.

*Retouching is actual photo manipulation, to include removing small unwanted objects, facial blemishes, stray hairs, whitening teeth and eyes. Often done for portraits, branding and lifestyle sessions. *High-end retouching is more involved, and includes, but is not limited to head swapping, Opening and closing eyes, removing braces, Adding/removing people, buildings, cars, etc and taking off 10lbs, etc. Must be requested. $25 per image.

Will I receive proofs after our session?

Portraits, Headshots, Lifestyle and Branding session clients receive proofs. This is to give you the freedom to select images you want retouched for final delivery. Weddings and (everything from birthday parties to club parties) Events will not receive proofs. You'll receive selected images for a speedy and efficient delivery.